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Thread: Does Kia Make Pick-Up Trucks?

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    Does Kia Make Pick-Up Trucks?

    Back in 2004, Kia Motors America unveiled a Mojave pick-up truck at the Chicago Auto Show.

    Known also as the KCV-4, the pick-up truck concept was specifically designed to meet the needs and tastes of consumers living in North America.

    Styled at the carmaker’s design and development studio in NamYang (South Korea), the Mojave concept boasted a 3,8L V6 engine, generating 280 horsepower. The highly-potent V6 engine was mated to the 5-speed electronically-controlled automatic transmission.

    Kia planned to commence the serial mass production of the Mojave pick-up truck two to three years after the concept unveiling, but later axed production plans due to fast rising fuel prices and shrinking market share for small trucks in the USA.

    The model was supposed to be built at Kia’s first US-based manufacturing plant in Georgia, alongside the all new Sorento SUV.

    The $1 billion assembly plant currently produces the latest version of Kia Sorento crossover vehicle and Optima mid-size sedan. The plant has capacity of 300,000 vehicles per year.

    Several years later, Kia also unveiled a Souls’ter pick up truck concept. Based on the highly-successful Soul crossover vehicle, the Soul’ster concept blended styling elements of a mini-pickup and a roadster in a rather funky way.

    Kia has yet to tell whether it plans to launch the Soul’ster pick-up truck or not.

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    That will be a nice addition to the KIA lineup...
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    But I don't think that's what you meant!
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    Yap, here's called K2700, awful popular truck on construction workers.

    but the usual 4x4 pick up truck....i'm doesn't familiar with it.
    There's one photoshop Sorento pick up try...But, like i said, it's photoshop.
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